Terms of Use

Service Access

Any content is freely accessible to any user who have an internet access. Every costs of the service (hardware costs, software or internet access) are exclusively on the user. The user is the only person in charge of his own computer interface and his internet access.

Some sections are only for members, with their own IDs and password.

Playerone.tv can refuse access without forewarning to any member who doesn?t respect this terms of rights.

Playerone.tv operate the bests technics to ensure a good working service, but is bound to no official terms of agreement to do so.

Playerone.tv canno be held responsible for any network dysfunctions or for the servers or for any other event outside of the reasonable control, which would prevent or would degrade the access to the service.

Playerone.tv reserves the right to interrupt, to suspend for a moment either to modify without advance notice the access to all or part of the Service, to ensure maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption opens straight ahead to no obligation and no compensation.

Intellectual Property

All the texts, pictures, videos and data published on Playerone.tv are reserved and protected by the intellectual property laws, in particular by the copyright. As such and according to the code of the Intellectual Property, is private use or in a family circle authorized. Any other use is an imitation and/or infringement of aforementioned rights, and can be thus punished by the code.

The user makes as a consequence a commitment not to reproduce, to represent, to broadcast, to market, to modify, to grant all or part of one of the elements reproduced on the site Playerone.tv, and everything or parts of the general site, without the preliminary agreement of Playerone.tv. Any illicit use of all or part of the site (imitation, hacking...) may lead to lawsuits.

Names quoted on the site Playerone.tv are registered trademarks or trademarks belonging to their respective owners...

The user is solely responsible for the user contents that he puts online via the service, as well as the texts and/or the opinions, images which he formulates and/or communicates. He commits in particular to the fact that these data cannot harm a third party whatever/whoever they are. As such, he guarantees Playerone.tv against any appeals, established directly or indirectly on these words and/or data, susceptible to be instituted by against Playerone.tv. He makes in particular a commitment to take care of the payment of the sums, whatever they are, resulting from the appeal of a third party against Playerone.tv, including the fees of lawyer and legal costs.

Playerone.tv reserves the right to delete all or part of the user contents, at any time and for whatever reason, without notice or preliminary justification. The User can assert no complaint as such.

Personal Data

The site Playerone.tv may collect some specific information concerning the user. This information used by Playerone.tv can be however transmitted in third parties. If you do not agree with this possibility of transmission, you may, under the Law of January 6th, 1978 oppose it by writing in [email protected]

To facilitate the procedure of registration and the use of the site Playerone.tv, and offer the user personalized services, this one is informed that one or several cookies can be placed on its hard disk. The user can oppose this implementation by following the procedure indicated on his web browser. However, the use of the site Playerone.tv can shows itself in this case altered, even impossible to browse through.

Limits of liability

The site Playerone.tv is an information website about new technologies, high-tech and in particular about video games.

The information spread on the site Playerone.tv come from reliable renowned sources. However, Playerone.tv cannot guarantee the accuracy or the relevance of these data.

As a consequence, the use of the information and the contents available on the whole site, would know how to engage on no account the responsibility of Playerone.tv, in any respect whatsoever. The user is only the master of the good use, with intelligence and spirit, information were provided on the site.

Besides, the user understands the needed compensation to Playerone.tv in case of any harmful consequences bound directly or indirectly to the use which he makes of the service.

The access to certain sections of Playerone.tv requires the use of an identifier and a password. The password, chosen by the user, is personal and confidential. The user makes a commitment to keep it secret and not to reveal it in any form whatsoever. The use of its identifier and its password through Internet is made at the risks and the dangers of the user. It is up to the User to take all the necessary precautions to protect their own data against any infringement.

However, "Playerone.tv does make a commitment to set up all the necessary means to guarantee the security and the privacy of transmitted data. The user is informed that one or several cookies, containing no personal information, can be placed on its hard disk to insure its identification."

Playerone.tv won?t, under any circumstances and within the limits of the applicable law, be held responsible for damage and/or damages, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or of whatever nature, resulting from an unavailability of the service or from any use of the service. The term "use" must be understood in the broad sense, that is any use of the site whatever it is, licit or not.

The user makes a commitment to respect all the rules fixed by the present in the use of the services of the site Playerone.tv. It makes in particular a commitment not to create, to broadcast, to transmit, to communicate or to store, by all means whether it is and whatever is the addressee, of illicit contents or slanderous, offensive, discriminatory words, racists or violating the law and order, as well as under copyright. The user thus makes a commitment to respect in the private life of all the other users and not to carry infringement of rights of third parties.

The user makes a commitment, generally speaking, to respect the whole regulations in force in France.

Hypertext links

Playerone.tv gives some hypertext links towards web sites published and/or managed by third parties.

As far as no control exists on these external resources, the user recognizes that Playerone.tv assumes no responsibility relative to the provision of these resources, and cannot be held responsible as for their contents.

Act of God

The responsibility of Playerone.tv cannot be committed in case of facts independent from its will.

Contract's evolution

Playerone.tv reserves the right to amend the terms, the conditions and the mentions of the present contract at any time. It is recommended to the user to consult regularly the last version of the conditions of use available on the site Playerone.tv.

Duration and termination

The present contract is concluded for indefinite duration as from the use of the service by the user.

Applicable right and competent jurisdiction

Rules regarding law, applicable to the contents and to the data transmissions on and around the site, are determined by the French law. In case of a dispute, not having been able to be the object of a mutual agreement, only the French courts within the competence of the Court of Appeal of Paris are competent.